Benefits of Using UTTERNIK

Utternik is a Review App. You can share your opinion or review of anything on Utternik. The most highlight thing is that you can earn money for sharing giving opinions about films, music, actors, restaurants, sports, news, technology, lifestyle, health, gaming, tv shows, etc. No written article required, just answers two questions by selecting the appropriate words given.

When you want to give an opinion about something on Utternik, just tap on the value button and answer the two questions. Choose the word which interests you the most and based on the words you select, your Utternik value will be instantly generated using our proprietary algorithm.

How to Earn Points ?

Just submit your opinion about your favorite thing. For each honest opinion you submit, you will get 10 Utternik points. When you reach 100 points you will get 1 coin. You can only earn a maximum of 2 coins per day.


How to Earn more Points ?

a. Invite someone

For each person you invite who signs up with your unique invitation code, you will receive 200 Utternik points and 2 coins. You will receive the points and coins when the other person gets at least 500 points. There are no limits on the maximum number of coins you can earn when you invite someone.

b. Get Trusted

Share your profile and invite users to trust you. For each person who does, you will receive 25 Utternik points. You can only earn a maximum of 2 coins per day.


c. Upload your Contacts

Cofirm your phone number and upload your contacts and get 200 Utternik points and 2 coins. Need not to worry privacy will be maintained and will not use to spam anyone. It is just to help you find each others easily.

d. Rate Utternik on Play store

Get 200 points and 2 coins if you leave a star rating and write a review on the play store. Please ensure your name appears while writing the review.


e. Post a Review Video about Utternik on Youtube.

Create a review video and upload on youtube and get 200 to 1000 points and 2 to 10 coins
depending upon your video.

f. Write a Blog about Utternik

Write a blog about Utternik and get 200 to 1000 points and 2 to 10 coins.

g. Suggest an Idea

Send suggestions and ideas as much as you can which you think will make the app better. If your suggestion is accepted you will get 25 to 500 points and up to 5 coins based on your suggestion.

h. Report a Bug/Issue

If you observe any bug/issue, please report the same and you will receive 25 to 500 points and up to 5 coins based on the severity
of the bug.

How to Redeme points ?

For every 100 points you earn, you will be rewarded 1 coin. A max of 2 coins in a single day. When you reach 10 coins you will start earning cash 10 coins = $0.10.
Once you have earned a minimum of $5 cash, you can withdraw full amount to your Pay Pal or PayTM account.

Note: Submitting of fake opinions, inviting fake users, and violation of Utternik terms and conditions will lead to suspension of your account and you may not qualify to receive any rewards.

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