10 Top Latest Malayalam Thriller Movies | List of latest Thriller Films

Hello all, We know movies are a great source of entertainment and thriller genres that keep you on the edge of your seats. Today we will be discussing some of the 10 top Latest Malayalam Thriller Movies. In the List below we tried our best to figure out the best top Malayalam thriller movies which are released after 2010

Malayalam Thriller Movies
Top 10 Malayalam Thriller Movies

List of 10 top latest Malayalam Thriller Movies

Since the last few years, the Malayalam Film industry has given their audience a few thrilling movies that can stick us to the seat till the very last scene. One impressive thing about Malayalam movies is that they are very realistic and natural we can’t see anything unnatural, yet they manage to surprise us. Malayalam Movies, especially in the Thriller genre, have expanded their viewer base to the whole country With the introduction of OTT platforms. For those who want the true cinematic watching experience, there is no doubt that they can go with the Malayalam Movies.

Here are a few Malayalam Thriller Movies that can thrills you till the last shot and bound to have your nerves going when you watch them

#1. Anjam Pathira

Credit: Anjam Pathira

IMDb – 8.0
Director – Midhun Manuel Thomas
Starring – Kunchako Boban, Jinu Joseph
Streaming Platform – SUN NXT & AHA Video

Anjam Pathira, one of the best Top Latest Malayalam Thriller Movies of 2020 directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas revolving around a serial killer who targets policemen. Anwar Hussian (Kunchako Boban), A Psychologist gets involved in the mystery with the help of his friend Anil (Jinu Joseph) Who is a cop. Finally, they can hunt down the motive and the life of the killer.

Anjam Pathira Malayalam Thriller Movie official trailer

anjaam pathira trailer

#2. Forensic

forensic malayalam movie
Credit: Forensic

IMDb – 6.8
Directed by Akhil Paul
Anas Khan
Starring Mamta Mohandas
Tovino Thomas
Streaming Platform – NetFllix,Prime

Akhil Paul’s and Anas Khan’s Forensic is a Psychological Malayalam thriller movie, the theme of the movie serial killer who is targetting little girls, Samuel John Kattukaran(Tovino Thomas) A Forensic Personnel, who is assigned to the case. They fetch clues from the past and it’s not a long-run drama

Watch Forensic Malayalam Movie Online

Forensic Malayalam Movie official trailer

#3. Memories

Credit: Memories Malayalam Thriller Movies

IMDb – 8.0
Director – Jeethu Joseph
Starring – Prithviraj Sukumaran
Streaming Platform – Disney+ Hotstar

Jeethu Joseph’s Memories, Top Latest Malayalam Thriller Movies of the year 2013 Prithviraj Sukumaran has done the leading role of an efficient police officer, Sam Alex who went through a family tragedy finds himself addicted to alcohol. Later he was assigned to the investigation of a serial killer. It’s a must-watch movie of Malayalam Thriller movies.

Memories Malayalam Thriller Movies official trailer

#4. Drishyam

Credit: Drishyam

IMDb – 8.3
Director – Jeethu Joseph
Starring – Mohanlal, Meena
Streaming Platform – Disney+ Hotstar

Another Jeethu Joseph’s Movie, a Blockbuster Malayalam Thriller Movie Drishyam tells about an ordinary village man living a peaceful life with his family, later they’re accused of a crime that turns things upside down. It shows the journey of Georgekutty(Mohanlal) and his efforts to protect his family. The police officers end up arresting George Kutty, but they aren’t able to solve the case anyway.

#5. Joseph

Joseph Malayalam Movie
Credit : Joseph Malayalam Movie

IMDb – 8.1
Director – Padmakumar
Starring – Joju George
Streaming Platform – Amazon Prime

Joseph movie one of the fantastic Malayalam Thriller movie explores the life of retired police who is very intelligent and has exceptional skills in decoding crime. He gets involved in a case that was led by the accidental death of his ex-wife and later on investigation reaches a bigger plot. He betrayed himself to solve the case as he got nothing to lose.

Watch Joseph Malayalam Movie Online

Joseph Malayalam Thriller movies official trailer

#6. Vettah

Credit : Vettah Movie

IMDb – 6.9
Director – Rajesh Pillai
Starring – Kunchako Boban, Manju Warrier
Streaming Platform – MX player

Vettah is an investigative Malayalam thriller Movie by Rajesh Pillai. During the investigation, it turns into a revenge plot. Policemen were easily able to find the culprit Melvin within time. He forced police officers to arrest him. Later he manipulates different stories during the investigation which leads to surprising events.

vettah Malayalam movie official trailer

#7. Drishyam 2

Credit : Drishyam 2

IMDb – 8.7
Director – Jeethu Joseph
Starring – Mohanlal, Meena
Streaming Platform – Amazon Prime

First marvelous Malayalam Thriller Movies released in OTT in 2021 and become a bumper hit in the Malayalam film industry. The second part of the first movie, this story tells about the events after six years. This case was unsolved anyhow, but police officers still managed to reinvestigate the case secretly. George Kutty was still aware of anything that is going to happen. He was three steps ahead of police officers. Still, in the end, going through dramatic events, they weren’t able to solve the case. From the director, the third part is also confirmed.

Drishyam 2 Malayalam Thriller movies official trailer

#8. Anveshanam

Credit : Anveshanam

IMDb – 6.0
Director – Prasobh Vijayan
Starring – Jayasurya & Sruthy Ramachandran
Streaming Platform – Amazon Prime

Anveshanam, Starring Jayasurye the story kick starts when the police receive anonymous turn maltreatment, which was reported from a hospital. They also learn that on the night, the child was reportedly admitted to the hospital for a slump from a staircase. The police officers get confused as they couldn’t decide whether it’ was an accident or a crime.

Anveshanam Malayalam thriller movies Official trailer

#9. Mumbai Police

Malayalam Thriller movies
Credit : Mumbai Police

IMDb – 8.0
Director – Roshan Andrews
Starring – Prithviraj, Jayasurya & Rahman
Streaming Platform – Disney+ Hotstar

Roshan Andrews’ Mumbai Police Suspense Thriller Malayalam Movie, revolves around the lives of three cops, a carefree officer in Antony Mosses (Prithviraj Sukumaran), Aaryan John (Jayasurya), and Farhan (Rahman). The movie starts with an accident scene that results in the memory loss of Antony Mosses. After his condition back into the investigation knowing that he had solved the case just before the accident.

Mumbai Police Malayalam movie official trailer

#10. 7th Day

Malayalam Thriller Movies
Credit : 7th Day

IMDb – 6.9
Director – Syamdhar
Starring – Prithviraj Sukumaran
Streaming Platform – Disney+ Hotstar

7th Day is one of the Top Malayalam Thriller Movies. it is a story of puzzling deaths, missing people, and an IPS officer, David Abraham, the protagonist who is in pursuit of the motive. The story twists around David and a group of friends who are in a mess as they are caught in a whirlwind of unfavorable events occurring one after the other. Also, those mysterious events seem unrelated, there’s a build-up of tension that results in an awesome climax involving the IPS officer and therefore the bunch of friends (one of them dies under mysterious circumstances).

7th day Malayalam Movie official trailer

Top Latest Malayalam Thriller Movies Conclusion

We had tried our best to include all the best Malayalam movies that can thrills you till the end. Please try to watch all the movies from their official platforms.

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