How to change Android app icon size

Most of the Android smartphones app size and feature icons are fixed. Sometimes you may wish to make some change Android app icon size to big or small if you want them bigger or smaller, so that you can see well, or to much smaller so that you can fix more apps on your home screen.
Most of the smartphone manufacturer’s are not providing such a feature to change icon size. If you really want to change the size of icon on your Android phone, there is a third party app that will make you wish fullfill. If you are using a Samsung device there will be ever more easier way to change the icon.

How to change Android app icon size

Change Android app icon size – Go launcher

If you are using a smartphone with stock firmware. To change the app icon size you must need a third party app or some launcher. ‘GO launcher’ is the best one for this task, you can download it from the Play Store.Once you have downloaded the launcher, open it.

  1. Goto settings menu icon and tap on it
  2. Tap on icon selection

Now you can see a section for changing the app icon size.

There are default two option’s (default or big) you can select either of it or you can set the size from a silder, from a low of 110 to a high of 360.


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change Android app icon size – Samsung phone with TouchWiz

If you are owing a samsung smartphone, change of icon is little bit easier and you don’t want to install any third party app. Samsung smartphone’s comes with its own TouchWiz UI. This allow samsung phone to change its icon size. If you wish to change the icon size on your android smartphone,

  1. Touch and hold an empty space on the home screen
  2. Tap on the settings home screen icon
  3. You should see two selections Home screen Grid and App screen Grid

Tapping on either of the choice should bring up a number of option’s to change the ratio of app on your home screen and app screen. This will also allows to change the sizes of those apps. Depending on which phone you own, the home screen grid choices could be 4×4, 4×5, 5×5 and 5×6, while the app screen gril ratio is more limitd to 4×6 and 5×6.

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change Android app icon size – Conclusion

These are only just two ways to change your smartphone icon size. Do you know any other way to change these size ?. Let us know in the comment.

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