Top 3 Android Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Best Android Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

If someone ask you which is the best social media platform, your answer may be different. Depending upon the country, region and the trend your choice may different. Instagram is one of the famous photo and video sharing website which has more than 700 million of user’s world wide. Million’s of user’s are sharing their video’s and … Read more

Install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser | Chrome Extension Android App

Are you looking for chrome extension Android app. We all know what is chrome extension, chrome plugins, chrome addons or chrome apps. These all are small which can be run with the help of Google chrome browser and makes our works easy. Mobile is one of the most unavoidable thing in our daily life. Easy … Read more

How to view saved wifi password on Android and Windows 10

Did you forget your wifi password, or if you want to know the password of your friend’s wifi which is connected to your Android phone. Then you are on the right place. Here we are showing how you can view saved wifi password on Android and Windows 10. There are some occasion when you go … Read more

How to Recover deleted Images on Android

Accidentally dumped the wrong Images? Try these tips to recover it Most of the memories of our daily life is hiding in our smartphone as photos and video. There is no built-in mechanism to Recover deleted Images on Android, but there are some third party apps and PC software programs are available to recover these … Read more

How to send Watsapp message to non saved Watsapp contact

As we all know Watsapp is the world’s most popular messaging application. After the arrival of watsapp the smartphone messaging style has changed. It’s a simple application that allow as to connect with other’s easily. This simplicity makes the watsapp to the top. However this watsapp lacks a feature. You will not be able to┬ásend … Read more