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Do you know the June movie was leaked by June Malayalam Movie Download in Tamilrockers Tamilrockers is the world notorious piracy website in the world. The June Malayalam Movie was released in 2019. This time, Tamilrockers had created some controversies in the film industry by releasing the June movie on the internet one day before the release. June 2019 Malayalam Movie Download is now available on the internet.

About June Malayalam Movie Download

June Malayalam Movie Download

June Movie Download in Isaimini is released in 2019. The film is co-written and directed by Ahammed Khabeer. Produced by Vijay Babu. This movie is a heroine-oriented movie. The heroine Character June Sara in this movie is roled by one of the prominent actresses Rajiisha Vijayan. Her father’s name is Panama Joy and the role is acted by Joju George. This is a musical drama movie. All the music in this movie June is composed by Ifthi.

Story Line of June Malayalam Movie Download

June is the life story of a girl named ‘June’ from her 16th age to 26th age. The movie is showing the exact life of a girl, her dreams, her small incidents in life etc. Director perfectly tried to show all things that can happen in the life of a teenager girl for the 10 years till 26th years of her age.

June Movie Download in Isaimini 720p

This was the debut movie for director Ahammed Kabir. The film was shooted in reverse order from the end to the beginning, allowing actors to change their physical appearance to look young. The actress Rajisha Vijayan lost 9 kg of weight to act the childhood of June. The movies were filmed in Thiruvalla, Varkala, Mumbai, and Kottayam. The school scenes were shot in Believers church public school, Thiruvalla.

June Movie Download in Tamil Movierulz

Another piracy website like tamilrockers movierulz also leaked the June movie on the internet. These websites are a very big threat to the film industry. Even before the release, they are publishing the pirated copies on their websites. The main reason for this leak coming from the movie crew itself. The movies are mainly leaking during the censor check or during the editing. Most of the website admins are operating from foreign countries. So our countries cannot take any legal action against these websites.

June Movie Download in Tamil Dubbed Tamilrockers

June Movie Download In Tamil Dubbed movie can be seen in the Hotstar. Hotstar Disney is an OTT platform that provides online streaming of movies, web series, tv shows etc. June Malayalam movie download Tamilrockers, June movie download in Tamil dubbed isaimini, June movie English subtitles, Tamil subtitles download can be easily downloaded from the website. Many online subtitle downloading websites are now available and you can easily download subtitles for the June movie.

June Movie Online Streaming

Online streaming for June movie download in Tamil isaimini movies is now available officially on Disney Hotstar. The film was a commercial hit and completed 100 days of theatrical run. June is also available in the best online streaming platform after youtube, daily motion you can easily watch the June movie in daily motion. There is no need for any subscription you can watch the movies for free.

5 star June Review by viewer’s

  1. Review by Saniya Stephen

“This movie really changed my mind. It got me so into it that I couldn’t move from my chair. I loved Rajisha and her cute romantic parts of the movie. Ahammed Khabeer did a great job on this movie. All I got to say is if you haven’t watched this movie, what are you waiting for, go ahead and get your self comfortable, don’t even miss a scene”.

2. Review By Time Pa ss

“This is a feel good movie. It recites story from a girls point of view (which is very rare in Indian Cinema).
The movie revolves around June (heroine character). Her life, teenage and her marriage, in between her struggles and love. The movie also shows the strong bonding of friendship and will be nostalgic for Kerala students.

All totally a family entertainer.
Movie is also very forward in its approach. Dialogues and scenes will make us keep involving. Movie also has a no Cliche approach. Rajisha has brilliantly portrayed the lead character.
Can be watched with family.
Almost all actors involved in the movie has done justice”.

4 star rating by viewer’s in google

  1. Review By Nijish Sajeevan

“Here I am rating this movie 7.5/10 and I still can’t figure out why! Like many who have reviewed it before me, I say yes it’s a feel good movie – acting etc etc. But I guess to keep the review on a different note, I will put in a man’s perspective to things –

  1. Sentimentalism – the scariest part of a female oriented movie is this – the “senti”-“mental”ism of a woman.. you get transported to the 90’s… There’s a lot of brutality and crying and stuff.. Well, there nothing of that kind in this movie. And right when the going gets tough, there’s a humourous touch to things and all’s well. No irritating sentimentalism portrayed, even towards the climax of movie.
  2. Female oriented – no not really. The male characters get their own story to be told. Beautifully done. Not everything is justified to support the female protagonist; the men have their say. Most importantly the father figure Joseph with limited screen time is so brilliant inspiring us to be the kinda father he is. The college sweetheart of her’s is also not the bad guy – you can relate to the conversation of theirs in the car.
  3. Feminism – I hope you know the difference between feminism and feminazi… This movie is not feminazi like madam M.W. movies. Infact, this movie invokes feminism in you – feeling the successibility of the poor soul many at times. And I think that’s the brilliance of the movie overall. You feel for her, you want her have that freedom and equality and life of her’s she so much wishes and deserves. Women need their space and respect and freedom.

Coming back to the review.. well, it’s a 7.5 but I dunno why. 😋😂”

The interesting fact is that there is no rating below 5 star for June malayalam movie.

June Malayalam Movie Songs Download

Music director of this movie is Ifti. One of the prominent music director in south India. There are a total of seven songs in this movie. Almost all the lyrics are written by Vinayak Sasikumar. This is musical family movie, so the director has given more important to music as well.

“Minni Minni”Vinayak SasikumarAmritha Suresh
“Maane Penmaane”Vinayak SasikumarIfthi
“Uyarum”Anu Elizabeth JoseGowry Lekshmi
“Koodu Vittu”Vinayak SasikumarBindu Anirudhan
“Melle Melle”Manu ManjithRayshad Rauf, Bindu Anirudhan
“Aadyam Thammil”Vinayak SasikumarSooraj Santhosh, Anne Amie
“Then Kiliye”Vinayak SasikumarVineeth Sreenivasan
June songs details

You can easily hear June Malayalam movie songs download from online songs platforms Like Gaana, Wynk, Jiosavan, etc. If you want to download the songs from these platforms you have to get a subscription to play offline. June Malayalam movie song free download a lot of piracy websites are providing links to download charlie songs for free. If you are googling a little bit you can easily download it. Also, all the June Malayalam movie songs are available on youtube. You can easily watch and listen to these songs easily in youtube. You can also find June Malayalam movie ringtone download on youtube. To download any youtube video in mp3 format, even though it’s not legal it’s very easy. Simply google it you will get the answer.


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