10 Awesome Android Apps 2018 You Must Try This

Hey what’s up guys, I’m back here with another 10 awesome android apps. Make sure to check out our previous posts if you haven’t already. I’m pretty sure you’ll find some useful apps there. Now let’s get started with this.

1.North VPN

With this app you can access resources on a network you are not physically connected to. As you can see in the image below we have a list of available VPNs of different countries.
This can be really handy if I’m traveling and have to access my home network or if I want to access your restricted contents like Spotify, watch country specific contents on YouTube, download country specific apps and so much more. You can change the location anytime you want and you also have features like quick connect and smart reconnect to make it super reliable. Also bookmark your favorite VPN locations, get details of the network you are currently connected to and turn on settings like cyber sack, TCP and obfuscated servers to avoid ads and have a more secure connection. You can always see your connectivity status on your notification panel. So guys if you are looking for a VPN app this is so far the best app I have experienced.

2. Plu.us

This app is a great way of sharing multiple links like your social network links, music links, sponsored links, blog posts and so much more. All you have to do is create your tag. Here is the steps to create one tag as a lot of tags have already been taken.
  • Select your category and give
  • Links to all your social medias, emails and even your phone number
  • Then you can upload a picture if you want to
  • Save your tag, the URL is being copied to your clipboard and now you can paste it onto your bio of social apps share your URL or simply save it.

Basically this is like your digital business card with all your infos. You can also browse through multiple tags to see the ones that are trending. Save your favorite ones and simply watch or listen to their creations or posts. Also you can check your status of the tags you have created, edit them or delete them. This app makes it easier to share all your social infos with just one link and it’s really useful for people like myself visual artists, music artists and even for gamers.

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3. Sound crowd

This is a music player with a very clean UI and impressive features to replace your default music player. It offers features like adjusting your equalizer, choose from various presets and effects. Then from settings you can customize the UI as well as other settings like, you can download the album art, enable music player on the lockscreen, shake to play or pause or watch your video songs online. Talking about video, this app is also a video player.

A nifty addition is there, if you swipe up and down on either of the sides it will adjust the volume and brightness accordingly. So you will only need this app to enjoy both your music and your videos. You can also change the theme of this app or change how you control your music and videos. I personally like the simple user interface and the detail equalizer settings of this app and that’s why it has replaced my default music player.

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4. Vyng

so basically what this app does is it provides you with video ringtones. You can choose from different categories like pop, rock, Latin, R&B, dance videos and so much more.
According to your preference what kind of videos you would like to play when you get a call. You also get videos of landscapes, cats and dogs just to brighten up your mood whenever you get a call. Moreover you can also add your own videos and assign it to contacts just to add a personal touch to your contacts.

5. Wall of Fame

For wallpapers we have wall of fame. Like other wallpaper app the images are categorized into different sections, we have anime for anime lovers, artworks with amazing art and paintings,abstract, AMOLED wallpapers which it’s self-explanatory and so much more to explore.


The good thing here is you also get a lot of details about the image right here and I guarantee you will find amazing wallpapers that suits your style. So make sure to check it out.

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6. Yazio

This is a health app that helps you monitor your calorie count and diet plan. First up you can choose by setting up your goal for example ‘build muscle’ then you can fill in your details. You can see you will get your daily calorie intake, time to reach your goal etc. Moreover this app also recommends you your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and exercises according to your body code .So for all the fitness freaks this app is great for you.

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7. FlapiX

You might have seen some kind of videos say cinemagraph on Instagram. This app helps you create these stunning cinemagraphs in the app. You can first choose the video quality and then start shooting. Once done you can trim the video and then get various tools to fine-tune the cinemagraph. First up select the brush tool and then highlight the spot you want to have motion, you can also zoom in and adjust the brush sizes for perfection. While exporting you can choose to add additional effects like looping and video speeds. So if you want to create amazing cinema graphs for your social medias try this app guys.

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8. Arts and culture

This is an educational app providing information on various arts museums historic places etc. Right on the homepage you get to explore a lot of featured topics. Next you have is the explore feature where you can search for your favorite paintings and know more about it. Not only paintings but there are lots of other categories to explore. All in all it’s a great app as it helps you to learn a lot. Since the pictures were taken using high risk cameras you can even view the brushstrokes it’s that detailed, give it a try.
Basically this is a photo editing app that allows you to add various overlays to enhance your image. You have lights, fog, spokes, rain, shimmer, and so much more. According to the picture you can choose the effect. For example I like using the light hits as guys might have noticed it this effect may mix the sunlight. So it kind of looks really cool and gives that you know nice effect to the picture. Furthermore you can adjust these effects as per your preferences.

10. Socratic

This app is perfect for students. I’m sure you have heard about photo math where you take pictures of your math problems and equations. It automatically solves it showing all the steps. But with this app not only maths but it also helps you with science,chemistry, economics and more, All you need to do is take a picture of your problem or question and you’re good to go.It gives you the answer with explanations. So a must-have for students.
so that was it for today if you feel your favorite apps are missing feel free to leave your comments down below. Stay tuned for more upcoming contents and I will catch you guys in the next one until then you guys have a great time.

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