The Truth behind Google

The Truth behind Google

Today we’ve got something big, welcome to the truth behind Google let’s get started.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched the Google company in 1998. Page and Brin were students of  Stanford University in California has developed a search algorithm – at first known as “BackRub” – in 1996. 
  • Literally no idea why no part of a Google office is allowed to be more than 150 feet away from the food. You throw into that the fact that food is free for every single Google employee seems like a pretty good place to work.

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  • Google has a sub site known as Google mirror. When you go onto this it has every single thing. But the Google you know and love does but it’s literally inverted. This is actually helpful for a lot of people who can’t access things on Google just due to firewalls.


  • Like most modern companies Google is trying to become more environmentally friendly. The way they go about doing this though is pretty unconventional. They have been known to rent goats in order to know the lawns of their Mountain View headquarters.

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  • Both founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin they’ve actually accepted a salary of one dollar per year


  • Have you ever wondered how Google Maps always seems to know  how much traffic there is on the roads ?. The way they do this is by monitoring the Android devices they’re literally in your pockets. They are seeing at any one time how fast those are moving along the road. Through this they can figure out whether there’s heavy traffic or light traffic or something in between.


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  • If you use Google a lot you probably come across the I’m feeling lucky button. This is right next to the Google search button and what it does is bypasses the search engine. Whatever you search after tapping I’m feeling lucky it visits the first site that would have come up in the search engine. So on one hand this is great, it’s great for the user but actually Google by employing this button loses a hundred and ten million dollars per year out of lost advertising revenues


  • Since 2010 Google has been acquiring an average of one company per week. You probably know that one of Google’s most profitable acquisitions was YouTube in 2006. Since then that youtubers actually skyrocketed it has become the second largest search engine after Google. In fact the traffic from YouTube alone exceeds ask Yahoo and Bing all put together.
  • You’ve probably grown used to Google Doodles these special modifications of the Google logo. Which are now used to celebrate special occasion. The first time they were used though was when Larry and Sergey had actually gone out and they just wanted to let users of Google know that they couldn’t fix any technical bugs if they came up.



  • If you misspell the word Google you might be surprised to find that you actually still end up being on the Google page. That’s because Google not only owns Google as it is actually spelt but also a lot of the misspellings of it. If you type “” or “” you’ll still end up on exactly the same page.

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  • If you search “askew” on Google the page tilts ever so slightly.


  • A lot of people didn’t know was that the actual company name is derived from. It is derived from the word  “googol” which is the term used to describe a number which has a 1 and then a hundred zeros after it.
  • You might have seen a Google Maps car driving around on the roads trying to capture 360 degree footage for Google’s Street View. But there are obviously some more remote locations which can’t be captured in this way well it turns out to map certain parts of the desert Google actually Hiatt camels.
  • Can you guess the number of searches performed on Google search engine Every single minute.                           
                                                                      2 MILLION
  • Google has had a bit of a history with April Fool’s Day pranks. They’ve not always worked having run pranks on this day for quite a few years previously. When the company actually unveiled Gmail on April 1st 2004 everyone thought it was a joke. April Fool’s Day 2016 was notably one of Google’s worst. Where they introduced the mic drop feature to Gmail wear as well as the send button. You had a send plus mic drop option which sent a pretty offensive gif with a minion dropping a microphone. But also it meant that any further replies from this would not be able to reach you. This caused some problems especially in a work environment a couple of people even claimed they lost their jobs.
  • On April 2007 where Google issued a warning to everyone in its facilities that there was a Python on the loose. But everyone thought it was a joke it wasn’t.
  • When Larry and Sergey were really building Google when they were putting together the Foundation’s in 1998 they were actually working out of a garage.
                The garage belonged to the woman who was soon to become this CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki
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The Truth behind Google

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