Install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser | Chrome Extension Android App

Are you looking for chrome extension Android app. We all know what is chrome extension, chrome plugins, chrome addons or chrome apps. These all are small which can be run with the help of Google chrome browser and makes our works easy.

 Chrome Extension Android App

Mobile is one of the most unavoidable thing in our daily life. Easy to use and handling easyness made the mobile popular. Most of us have a mobile but only few  use laptops. Even if they have laptop they will not use the laptop or computer everytime because it will be very time comsuming to open a PC and do the small all the simple works. Today most of the works which we are doing on the PC can be easily done on an android phone. Android phones made our work easier.

In Android and computer we use different types of browsers for surfing the internet. Google Chrome is one the most popular and main browser in both. For making our work easier and for helping us google has introduced Chrome extensions. With the help of these extensions we can customise our work easily, these extension will do half of our work. Those who are using any of these extension can easily understand how  it helps us. But the problem is that this extensions of the chrome browser can be installed in our computer’s only. There is no option to use it on Android .

Install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser | Chrome Extension Android App

I think how can we use the chrome extensions which is availbale only in computer can be installed on any android browser. Is there any Chrome Extension Android App.  Also i searched is there any browser which allows you to do so. And finally I found a new browser. In this browser your can simply install any of the chrome extensions on your android phone. The name of this browser is “Yandex Browser“. It is easily available in PlayStore or you can download it from the below link. It is also a simple browser like chrome . For installing any extension you simply do the following steps
1. Goto
2. Search ‘Chrome WebStore
3. Click on the first link, it will redirect you to ‘Chrome WebStore’.
4. Search any of the extension’s you need and click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ button on the top right corner
5. Then it will pop-up a message click ‘Add extension
6. It will starts downloading your extension.
To see the installed extensions tap on the menu option on the bottom right corner, then select extension, there you can see the installed extensions select the extension you need.

Download Yandex Browser

Hope this information will help you . If you know any other way to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser let us know in the comment section. Thank you

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