Awesome 5 Apps you must Install now

1. LED Keyboard Lighting – Mechanical Keyboard RGB

Try the RGB Color Keyboard – LED keyboard – Chroma keyboard with RGB color
Go let Color Light Keyboard to refresh your boring default keyboard 👌
Typing can also be a relaxing moment for you with fantastic LED Keyboard!

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2. Split Screen Launcher (Unreleased)

Create app shortcuts on the homescreen to launch two apps directly in split screen mode. 
Split Screen Launcher uses the Android Accessibility API to trigger the split screen mode.

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3. Drink Water Reminder: Water Alarm (Kwench)

Stay hydrated for a healthy long life!

Amazing health benefits of drinking water:
• Water helps improve physical performance
• Improves brain function
• Helps with weight loss
• Fresher and youthful skin

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4. Face Pause – Pause apps with Face Detection

Face Pause stops any game/video when you aren’t looking at the screen. Face Pause uses your built in Face Detection to pause anything you are doing when you are not looking at the screen and resumes it when you look back.

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5. Feed List – News Feeds Aggregator.

Created to help you focus on what’s important and save your time, Feed List will change your way to consume social media content. 

Create your own custom news Feeds and add to them the profiles you want. So now you can see everything they post in one place

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