Rummy Passion | Earn Money Online by playing Rummy | ₹2000 Instant Bonus

Rummy Passion is one of the best and trusted real cash online rummy site. As rummy is one of the most playing real cash games online in India, Rummy Passion is playing a very good role in this online rummy industry. If you are a pro rummy player then Rummy Passion will be your right destination

Rummy passion Earn Money Online By playing rummy
Rummy Passion

What is rummy ?

Rummy is a card game it’s played by matching card of similar ranks, sequence, or suits. The basic target of a rummy player is to meld cards which should consist of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.
Earlier rummy was played for fun in between groups of friends and family with a digital avatar. But now its not only a fun game, it has also become an online income source for many. Rummy has captured the main real cash gaming industries in India.

Why Rummy Passion ?

Online games have become everyone’s favourite pastime. Amidst so many online games, Rummy became the most trending in the history of online gaming.

There are a dozen of online rummy websites are available out of it why you should select Rummy Passion for fun as well as an income source.

1. Charming User Interface:

If you are going through other rummy websites, you will come to know that rummy passion has a very good, neat and clear interface. The design is very simple that one can easily understand all the options. All you have to do is go to game lobby and select a game and start playing. If you want to play cash games add cash to your wallet.

2. 24*7 Customer support :

Rummy Passion has a good qualified and dedicated customer support. If your are facing any kind of technical issues, you are very well welcomed to contact them. You can contact through this link

3. High level security:

As this game is a real cash game. You should have to add cash to your wallet to play cash games. So all the financial dealings should be at most secure. Doing online transactions  smoothly is not that easy, as there is always a percentage of dissatisfaction in the mind of people not to fall in any trap. However rummy is one of the site that you can trust upon. As Its has secured gateway having SSL(Secured Socket Layer) technology, which is considered as the top level standard in the industry. Till date this rummy website has not received any complaints from its players. All the players are very much satisfied with the security of this website.

 4. Amazing rewards, referral bonus:

As comparing with the competitors rummy passion is rewarding there players with unlimited bonuses, gift rewards for the pro players etc.  It also has a very good referral program for its players. Only a player know his happiness when he receives something for his skills.

5. Round the clock availability of games:

You can select table of your choice and play anytime at your convenient time. Also there is no hassle to find players in game lobby as there are a lot of players playing online anytime. You can see players of all levels from beginners to experts. This is another reason why people choose this site for their game play.

How to Join and Play in Rummy Passion 

  • Enter your Username, Password, valid email ID, and mobile number and click on ‘Join Now’
  • Hurrah you’re signed up to your Rummy Passion account.
  • Before starting play. First of all you should verify your mobile number and email id.
  • In the left side you can see three tabs. Cash games, tournament, practice games. You can select the option of your wish and start play.
  • If you are a beginner, it’s better to go to practice games.
  •  If you would like to play cash games click on add cash at the top. Add cash from many options like Paytm, Net banking, debit card, credit card etc. Use bonus code ‘WELCOME’ to get up to Rs 2000 on your First Deposit. Double your play money.
Rummy passion add cash
Rummy Passion Add cash
  • Before proceeding to cash games it’s better to do your KYC. Because only KYC verified account could get the full benefits. Also if you wish to withdraw the earned money KYC is must.
RUmmy passion KYC
Rummy passion KYC
  •  For updating KYC, Go to My account->profile->Fill all your details, bank details for withdrawal and KYC.

Types of Rummy games Rummy Passion offers

Point rummy

In this Indian format rummy there will be a predefined value(rupee) for each point. The one who meld the right cards first will win all the cash.  In point rummy 2 player and 6 player games are available.

Winnings =(Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) – Rummy Passion fees.

Pool rummy

This is the new format of rummy online which re-creates the fun of a club. Win big cash prizes with playing upto six players at a time. There are two types of pool rummy 101 pool and 201 pool. There is a fixed fee for every pool which varies from 10 to 2000 . The fee contributed by the players make the pool money. The player who won the deal will get 0 points and the rest accumulate points which are added to score. A player will be eliminated once his points reaches the maximum limit i.e 101 in case of 101 pool and 201 in case of 201 pool.

Winnings =(Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) -Rummy Passion fees.

Deal Rummy

In deal rummy you will be playing a fixed number of games(2 deal, 3 deal, 5 deals etc) by giving an entry free. Each player will get a fixed number of chips. Winner of each deal win chips from losing player during the game. The player with the highest number of chips at the end of all deals will win the game. Usually deal rummy is played between 2 to 6 players with 1 or 2 decks of cards, which include printed jokers.


Rummy passion offer both cash games and tournaments. The structure of the tournament is quite different from other format.
Online rummy tournaments are played on multi table and multiplayer level with moving up to finish line
For participating in a tournament pre-registration is required and the player has to reserve his seat to join the game.
Tournament usually starts at a stipulated time and can run for a while.

Overall winning amount of a tournament is decided on the number of players participating in a tournament.

Grand Offers by Rummy passion

Rummy Passion is offering a lot of offers and promotions to their players. 

1. Sign Up bonus package

Get up to ₹10000 bonus on first week. 

  1. Welcome Bonus : Use Bonus Code: WELCOME to get up to Rs 2000 on your First Deposit. Double your play money.
  2. Top up Bonus : Use Bonus Code: TOPUP to get up to Rs 3000 on your Second Deposit. Another reason for happiness.

2. Permanent Bonus Offers( All players)

  1. Sunday Passion : Use Bonus Code: PASSION and get up to Rs 5000 on your deposit on Sundays. Now you can make your weekend rewarding.
  2. Friday Passion : Use bonus code TGIF and get 40% match bonus up to Rs 4000 on your deposit every Friday.

3. Deposit gateway offers

  1. NEFT Deposit : Get 10% cash back up to Rs 10,000 on NEFT Deposits every Wednesday. Make your deposit and email us proof of deposit to claim this offer.
  2. Paytm Deposit : Get 100% match bonus up to Rs 1000 in your RummyPassion account on Deposit using code MYPAYTM.

4. Referral offer

Rummy Passion is offering a bonus of 5000 for each valid referrals. You can get up to 5000, that is for each valid deposit your friend make you will get a bonus of 25% for a period of three months. This is the highest referral bonus you can earn on all online rummy gaming sites. Join now and start referring friends and earn a handsome money.

Tips and Tricks of Rummy Passion

Rummy is a high skilled game. Mere luck have no place in rummy, So to became a pro rummy player you have to practice more. The more you practice the more you will get in the rummy game. There is no laid down tips and tricks to win every games but if you are following some techniques your winning chance will be more.

Some Techniques for Winning at Rummy Game Every Time:

  • Your first priority should be to meld a pure run after that you can concentrate on other cards
  • Always keep a watch on other players, what they are picking and discarding from the open cards. This way you will get a better understanding on which cards are to be retained or discarded.
  • Always try to discard high cards because if your opponent make a show before you do, your deadwood points are reduced.
  • Remember a run can have more than three cards most of the players do not know.
  • Jokers are the most important card in a rummy game try to make better use in the game. Always use joker to complete run or a set of higher point value.
  • Waiting for particular card for a long time is not a wise to do. you have to keep a look on your card and keep reevaluating them to make changes
  • Always look out for cards that can be easily melded into a run. For example, 7 of any suit can be put together with 5 & 6 of the same suit and can also work with 8 & 9 of the same suit.
  • Hold or arrange the card in your hand in such a way that it will be easy to play. Arrange alternate color cards to avoid confusion while discarding.

Is Rummy Passion legal

Yes, it is completely legal to play rummy with cash in Rummy Passion. It is because rummy is a game of skill and it is protected by the constitution of India. Playing rummy for cash is considered as a business activity. Therefore, the activity of playing games with skill for cash is protected under Article 19[1](g) of the Constitution of India.

The popularity of online rummy has been increasing day by day. One of the main reasons for this is that it is a game of skill. As per the Honourable Supreme Court of India, games of skill like rummy are 100% legal to play. 

Playing rummy for cash is not allowed in Assam, Odisha, Telangana and Kerala, players from these areas are not allowed to play rummy with cash. As these states’ laws are not clear, Rummy Passion does not allow players from these states to play rummy with money. However, they can still play our practice games for free, and we may permit them to play our cash games in the future when these states’ laws change or become clearer.


Playing rummy online is very fun and interesting. Many people are playing rummy as a source of income than as a fun game. Your skill and talent in rummy can be simply converted to cash. You have just gone through the full features of rummy passion and i think you have understood all the merits of playing in Rummy Passion. Please comment your best online rummy website  

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