What is Google’s New Reply App

Google just released a new app called Reply. Google’s new Reply app let you have a low smart reply feature on a wide range of apps. So when someone sends you a message. You will get one, two, three suggested responses in the messages notification based on what your friend responded with. Not only that you can also include contextual data in your responses. For example if someone asks you when you can be at home or at work. “Reply” app will look up your location and calculate the amount of time it would take you to get there. Soyou can respond with a precise ETA.
Another awesome feature is that it can also auto reply when you can’t answer your phone. So if you’re on vacation it will let your friend know based on your calendar events. It uses your location detect when you’re driving or riding a bike and it has other options for when you are on any train, walking, sleeping or on any meeting. Most of these options don’t work but Google including them anyway to see what people are most interested in.
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If your phone is on silent or do not disturb mode and someone sends a serious message such as we’re waiting for you. This app will auto reply asking them to send the text urgent to make your phone play a loud sound to get your attention. It supports Android messages, Facebook Messenger, hangout, Skype, slack, Twitter, whatsapp and more.
For this first release it works surprisingly well even though it is missing a few features as discussed before. You’ll probably only use this with Shore and straightforward messages especially those containing simple questions or statements. It doesn’t do well with sarcasm or jokes. But I will keep this app as it’s something that I’ve wanted for a while. I’m sure in a couple of months this app will be installed on most phones as they must have. Google only just started close to beta testing this but the apk can be found on apkmirror If you want to try it out on your phone.
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