How other know’s your location history from your phone

How other know’s your location history from your phone

What will happen if somebody is knowing all your location histroy through your phone ?
Almost everybody in today’s world is owing an Android smartphone. Common setting’s of Android are familiar to everybody, but some are not familiar and we are not giving much importance to these settings. Also our privacy is getting leaked through our phone because of these unknown settings !.

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Among these setting one of the important one is google’s location access or location history. If the location access and location history option of our android phone is ON google will store all the location history in their server and it can be retrieved afterwards if needed. Google has provided this feature for our own reference but it can be misused by other’s. If your phone is accessible to other’s they can easily track our location history easily.


How other know's your location history from your phone

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If you want to check the location history of your’s
1. Open Google Map
2. Click menu on the top left corner.
3. Select “Your timeline”

Now you can see the location history of your’s from the time you are using the smartphone or from the time the location history option is enabled. Slide your screen left and right to select the day or you can also select a specific back date to know the location history. You can even know the location history of one year back date. You will get very clear location history like how you travelled from one place to another , at what time you started and at what time you ended your journey. All the details can be clearly see in that screen.

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If you don’t want the google to store location history of your’s or don’t want other’s to know your location history we can do two things. One is disable the location access option and location history option on your android phone. Another one is keep your Android phone safe from other’s by providing good password or pattern lock.

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How to disable google location access and location history on your Android phone.

  1. Goto settings
  2. Click on “Adittional settings”
    How other know's your location history from your phone
  3. Select  “Privacy”
  4. Click on “Location”
  5.  In the next screen you can see an option “Location access” disable it and at the bottom of the scree there are two option’s “Google location history” and “Google location Sharing ” disable both the option’s.
    How other know's your location history from your phone
    How other know’s your location history from your phone


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