Increase RAM for Android (No root)

Are you looking for How to Increase RAM for Android Phone without Root then you are on the right page? The performance of your Android phone depends on many factors, on this the RAM of the phone is doing a major part.  If your phone’s RAM is sufficient your phone will run like a cheetah. There will be no hang no stuck etc.

How to increase the ram of the android phone ?. We can’t increase the built-in RAM of an Android phone. Do u think that we can increase the RAM by rooting, if you heard this from anywhere that is utterly wrong? We cannot increase the phone RAM like a PC by putting an extra RAM card into it. One thing is sure that we can increase the efficiency of our android phone RAM by doing some tweaks. There are a lot of applications like Clean Master, DU cleaner, 360 security are available in the market which can be used to how to increase ram in android, increasing in the sense we can improve it by clearing some RAM space, Force stopping some heavy applications,  clearing cache, etc. These applications will do it nicely but it also drains your battery very fastly, it’s a bad thing.

Today I am also going to introduce a new application but it is entirely different from the above-mentioned Apps. The name of the application is “RAM Booster extreme speed Pro”. I think you did not have heard about this application much Because it’s a paid version don’t worry I will give you a link to download it for free.

How to Increase RAM of Android Phone without Root

This application will increase ram of android phone without root up to its extreme end. You will love this application after using it because it will only give you a positive impact on your smartphone. It will improve the efficiency of your android phone RAM as well as it will not drain your battery life like other Apps because it is a lite application.

Download App

Your are going to install App from external source so you have to check the option “install from unknown source” on your smartphone before installing this App.

Path:- Settings – Additional settings – Privacy – Unknown sources ( Settings path may vary from phone to phone)

The App file is in zip format so you how to extract it before installing this App. For that, you have to download any of  Zip Extractor application from Play Store or download it from the below link

Zip Extractor



People like me are looking for How to Increase RAM for Android Phones without Rooting. For those people, this post will be very helpful. Please do comment if you have any issue 

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