How to Download Facebook Online

Today I am here with a trick to How to Download Facebook Online.  Yes you can simply Download Facebook Online in Android and PC’s. The facebook media is being used in different platforms and in different Apps. For example around 60 percentage of the people are using Facebook in it’s on official application. Some in Chrome browser some in any other external browser etc. The process of downloading video from Facebook depend upon which application you are using. Today I will show you how to download Facebook video in three different applications.

  1. How to download facebook video Using Facebook Official Application
  2. How to download facebook video in Chrome  
  3. How to download facebook video in any other external Browser or Built-in Browser.

How to download facebook video using Facebook Official Application

For downloading a video from Facebook application Follow these steps.

  1. First you how to open the video, on the top right side corner of the video you will see a three dot option
  2. click on the three dot option and click on save video
  3. come back to the main timeline and click on the menu from top right corner
  4. There you can see an option called “saved”  click on that.
  5. Now you can see the list of all your saved videos, there will be  a vertical three dot option on every videos right side. Click on it.
  6. At the bottom of the option list you can see an option called “copy link” click on it, Now your link is copied
  7. Open any of your browser Then go to the web address
  8. Paste the link  which you have copied in the space given there.
  9. click on download button.
  10. your video will starts downloading.

Another website’s you can also try : or 

How to download facebook video in Chrome browser

In Google Chrome it is very easy to download  Facebook video.  Earlier in the video player of Google Chrome at the bottom line there was an option to download videos but now it is not there. They had come up with a new way to download the videos.  Now you have to long press on the video player you will get an option to download video. Simply click on download video your video will start downloading automatically

How to download facebook video using external or built-in browser

For downloading Facebook video, browsers like Chrome browser are giving option to download videos  but some are not. In any Browser which are not giving the  option to download you have to follow the same steps we had done for downloading video from the Facebook official application.

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