How to locate your lost phone

Are you looking a way how to locate your lost phone. Then you are on the right place. Google updated their “Android Device Manager” it’s is now completely changed to a new App they had also given a new name. It is now called as “Find my Device” and it’s work even better than earlier.

This fantastic app helps you to locate and control a lost or stolen Android phone or tablet using another Android device.

Now a day’s we all are keeping our personal information and data’s in our smartphone . If we are losing our smartphone means all our data’s will reach wrong hands and that can be misused, it make sense  to do whatever we can to keep that data out of the hands of would-be scammers and identity thieves.

How to locate your lost phone

This app is a very good tool to locate your lost phone.

Find My Device lets you use another Android device to: 

1 – Locate a lost or stolen Android device on a map

2 – Change the device’s lock code remotely to prevent a thief from using it or accessing the information stored on it

3 – Erase all the user data stored in the device’s memory remotely.

To locate or control lost or stolen android device two conditions should satisfied:

1 – The missing android device must be logged in with the Google account that you control.

2 – It also must be turned on and connected to the Internet via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

You can download Find My Device for free from the Google Play Store.

You can also find your lost phone without installing an any App. Simply type “Find My Device” on google from any other device and click on the very first link . Then your have to log in to the same google account which you are already logged on in your lost android device. After that you can see your phone’s location and also you can control your phone. If the above mentioned conditions are fullfilled.

Bottom line: Think now you know how to locate your lost phone. If you lose your smartphone or other Android Device, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find it again. But this awesome app will give you the best chance possible!

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