Secret Network Codes and three uses

secret network codesYou know a lot of secret network codes available for your phones. Each codes are having different functions, For example code to check the balance *123#, code to check the Internet balance etc. But there are a lot of useful codes other than this which are not commonly used

Today I am going to introduce a secret network code like this which is less frequently used or not been commonly known by everybody and its three different uses

1. Secret network codes for Call Forwarding.

You all know that what is a call forwarding and how it can be enabled on your phone manually in settings.  If not below you will get the procedure.  Do you know that there is also a secret code for forwarding the calls,  yes  a secret code is there.

The code is **62*(mobile No:)#

You have to first type the code(**62*) then followed by the mobile number to which you want to transfer the call and press hash (#) key. Make a call from the  sim card which you want to forward calls.  You will get a message “MMI code started”  then you will get a reply message from the your network operator “ call forwarding registration was successful” . All your calls are now being forwarded to the given number after  dialling this code.

For doing it manually through settings follow these steps:

  1. Go to your call settings first from your phone setting.  
  2. There you can find an option called call forwarding settings  
  3. Then you have to select the SIM.  Now you can see that your network is trying to collect the data from their database.
  4. I next screen you can see three, four options depending upon the phone models.  
  5. One is “always forward” if your phone calls are forwarded it will show “enabled”  otherwise “disabled”.  
  6. If you want to enable call forwarding, click that option and enter the number which you want to forward the call
  7. Click ok
  8. Your call will be now forwarded to the given number.

There are also other options Like when unanswered, when unreachable etc  you have to select the options according to your wish

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2. Secret network codes for Blocking calls & use Internet

As we have seen above that this code can be used to forward calls to another phone number. Like wise this code can also be used to block calls without interrupting your internet connection.  How this can be done. Now you may be thinking that this can be done by putting On flight mode. No in flight mode all radio connections are blocked both the internet and  calls will be unavailable. If you are using an external application it will also drain your battery and also eats your storage space.  What is the need of going behind all these things if you can do it simply with this code.

Think you can simply forward your call to another phone number by using this secret code. If you are forwarding to a number which is unavailable  or a number  which is not put in phone.  Your calls will be simply forwarded to that number as the number is unavailable call will not be connected and you will not be disturbed. 

You can do the same steps as we had done in above steps for getting it done.

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3. Get the phone Calls of others to your Phone.

Our privacy should be kept very safe, am no trying to teach you to steal someones privacy or spy on someone. but my intention is only to make you people know that by all these ways your private (privacy) things can be leaked.

As we have seen above that we can simply forward our calls to another phone number by entering the code and with in seconds its will get start forwards. Likewise think if you know someones or if someone knows your phone password or pattern lock he or she can simply forward your all call to his or her phone easily. So don’t never ever give your phone password or pattern lock to anyone. who knows what they will do with it.

You might have enjoyed it.

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SECRET CODE and three uses that everyone should know

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