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Nowadays Troll Malayalam is rolling out in the online platforms of Kerala, especially in south India for the last 4 years. The people of Kerala had already taken the trolls as a big entertainment solution. The troll creator and troll enthusiasts had actually increased a lot. People started following many Troll pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Today we are going to discuss the best troll Malayalam channels etc in this article

Troll Malayalam meaning

Actually, the meaning of troll is “angling by drawing a baited line through the water” or “a fisherman’s lure that is used in trolling”. But the troll that we are discussing today is entirely different from the actual meaning of troll that you have seen on the internet. If any social issue happens within seconds trolls will start rolling throughout the internet. Here the Troll means an image in which humorously or dramatically depicts a social issue with the help of famous dialogues and images from the movies. The image will look so funny if we are connecting the issue with the image and dialogue from the movie

List of some Troll creators social media pages and their followers count

SL NoPage nameFacebook FollowersInstagram Followers
1.International Chalu Union – ICU1,048,202590K
2.Troll Republic335,3721M
3.SCT Malayalam781K1.1M
4.Troll Kerala919,969208K
5.Troll Malayalam1,184,515249K
6.Malayalam Troll Masters284,061282K
Troll community for latest Malayalam Troll

Check Links to their social media pages below

Best Troll Malayalam

If you came here to see the best and the latest trolls in Malayalam, we will be providing you with the links to various these channels on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Troll malayalam
Lockdown Malayalam Troll

In the above picture, you can see an example of Troll Malayalam. This is a lockdown troll, this shows how boring the lockdown is. This troll creator tries to convey the message that we are now getting time to count even the single mustards.

Troll Malayalam Latest

If you want to be updated to the latest trolls, there are a lot of Malayalam Troll channels to follow. If you enjoy seeing and sharing these trolls then you must know these channels and must follow them

1. International Chalu Union – ICU:-

If you are a true Malayalam troll enthusiast then you should follow this channel for the latest trolls. It’s a community and a lot of people are involved in it. The chalu union commonly know as ICU has an account on both Facebook and Instagram. ICU is being followed by 1,048,202 follows on their official Facebook page and on Instagram 590k Followers. Below u can see some of the latest Malayalam Troll from ICU.
Follow Troll Republic on Facebook
Follow Troll Republic on Instagram

icu troll
International Chalu Union

2. Troll Republic:-

One of the famous Troll channels. This is a group or community with a lot of active members in it. This group also has a Facebook group with 335,372 followers. A lot of trolls related to category troll Malayalam actress, cinema trolls, bjp trolls, etc can be seen on this channel. This group also has an active account on Instagram with one million followers. You must follow them if you are a troll enthusiast. Below you can see some trolls of Troll republic.

Follow Troll Republic on Facebook
Follow Troll Republic on Instagram

Troll republic trolls
Troll Republic

3. SCT Malayalam (School college Trolls):-

Another troll community in Malayalam with a lot of trolls updating daily. This troll channel too has its Facebook and Instagram channels. This community also publish trolls related to school trolls, college trolls, family troll, etc in their social media platforms. They have 781k followers on their Facebook page and 1.1 million followers on their Instagram page. Below you can see some of the trolls from SCT Malayalam.

Follow SCT Malayalam on Facebook
Follow SCT Malayalam on Instagram

Sct malayalam trolls
Sct Malayalam

4. Troll Kerala:-

One of the best troll channels in Malayalam. Troll Kerala has a Facebook group with an active 919,969 followers. The Instagram profile has 208K followers. This troll Kerala channel posts Trolls related to politics, cricket, Football, Ipl trolls, RCB trolls, CSK trolls, etc.

Follow Troll Kerala on Facebook
Follow Troll Kerala on Instagram

5. Troll Malayalam (ട്രോൾ മലയാളം):-

Another successful troll channel. Troll Video Malayalam, Troll Images, etc, and various categories of trolls can be seen in this channel. 1,184,515 peoples are following their Facebook Page. Also, their Instagram account has 249K followers. Some of their trolls can be seen below.

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6. Malayalam Troll Masters (MTM) മലയാളം ട്രോൾ മാസ്റ്റേഴ്സ്

One of the best Malayalam troll communities with daily active users. Daily more than 100 troll images are being posted on their social media pages. They have 284,061 followers on its Facebook page. And their Instagram account has 382K followers. Some of their troll images are given below.

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If you want to get updated to the latest trolls then you must follow these channels or communities. I have listed these channel not on their ranking or not on any basis, but simply and randomly. As I am also troll maker and enthusiast, I also follow these channels.

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