Airtel call forwarding Methods (Mobile and Landline)

Are you looking for the Best Airtel call Forwarding Methods. Then you are on the right place. Call forwarding is the best thing feature provided by Airtel. If your main Airtel number is switched off, out off coverage area or can’t receive any call because of any issue, you can divert that call to any number of your wish. So that you will never miss your loved ones or any business calls.

Airtel call forwarding codes
Airtel call Forwarding codes

The call forwarding can be done in two ways, by using feature in your android or IOS phones or by dialing Airtel call forwarding codes

These are some of the the states which call Airtel allows call forwarding Tamil Nadu, mp, Delhi, maharashtra, chennai. you check those in your cities and let us know about its status.

What happens if you have no Airtel balance will they divert your call ? Yes, but they charge afterwards

What is actually Airtel Call Forwarding or Airtel call Divert

Some of us are very familiar with call forwarding, some are also using since a long time. I will tell your briefly what call forwarding actually is.

What will happen if someone calls you and your number is not reachable or switched off ?. Of course the call drops and you will miss the call. Here the technique of call forwarding actually works. Your can simply divert the call coming to your PRIMARY NUMBER to another number that is working. So when someone calls to your PRIMARY NUMBER the AIRTEL will automatically redirect your call to another which you had already given. S you will never miss your important calls

Airtel call Forwarding Code

Firstly we are going to discuss about the codes that are used to activate call forwarding. These codes can be used for all Airtel prepaid call forwarding and Airtel postpaid call forwarding.

How to Activate Airtel Call Forwarding – When there is no Answer

  • Just dial this number – **61* after that add your number where you want the call to be diverted. Eg. **61*2222222222*#
  • Add how many seconds (in 5 second increments) you want your phone to ring for before diverting (min 05, max 30)
  • Add #
  • Now make a Call on that dialed Airtel Divert Code.
  • You will receive a message in return “Call forwarding Activated”.
  • Your phone is now all set to forward the all the calls if its not answered.

Airtel Calls Forwarding Code Number – When No Signal

  • Dial this Number – **62* and add your number where you want the call to be diverted. Eg. **62*8888888888*#
  • Press the ‘call’ button (wait for the screen message to confirm the service has been set up)
  • It should get started.

Call Forwarding Code Airtel – When You are on another Call

  • Dial this Number – **67* and add your number. Eg. **67*8888888888*#
  • Press the ‘call’ button (wait for the screen message to confirm the service has been set up)
  • It should get started.

Airtel Mobile Call Forwarding Code Number – Divert All Type of Calls

  • Dial This Number – **21* and add your number. Eg. **21*8888888888*#
  • Press the ‘call’ button (wait for the screen message to confirm the service has been set up)
  • It should Get Started


How to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel

  • Airtel Call Forward / Divert – When there is no Answer: Dial – ##61#
  • Airtel Call Forward / Divert Codes Number – When No Signal: Dial –  ##62# 
  • Airtel Call Forward / Divert Codes – When You care on another Call:Dial –  ##67#
  • Airtel Call Forward / Divert Codes Number – Divert All Type of Calls: Dial – ##21#

How to Activate Call forwarding in Airtel without using codes

Yes, you can forwards the call without using the codes. Some of the android and IOS phones comes with this features, that they directly put these setting in there phones. My phone is Xiaomi POCO f1, in this phone the call forwarding settings are in the call settings. Follow the steps.

  • Open Dial pad. Click on the menu at the bottom left, then settings
airtel call forwarding
  • Then click ‘call Forwarding’
  • Then select voice or video call which one you want to forward
  • Select the sim from which you want to forward the call
  • wait for a second to retrieve you call forwarding info by your network operator
  • Then press on what kind of call forwarding you want for eg: always forward, when busy, when unanswered etc
  • In the last step add the phone number where you want to forward the call.

How to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline ?

Yes, you can forward the calls on your Airtel landline also. This Airtel landline call forwarding feature allows you to forward or divert calls to your landline to another number or to your voice mail box where you can reach later. By using this service you will never miss any of your important calls

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Airtel landline call forwarding code :

Call Forwarding when No Reply

In this case, the calls to your telephone will be forwarded to another phone or mobile number, after ringing continuously for 25 seconds.

Activation code : Dial 1222 + Other TelephoneNo.#

For MP & Chhatisgarh Subscribers : Dial 126 + Telephone number

Call forwarding (Unconditional) 

In this case, all your incoming calls will be forwarded or diverted automatically and immediately to another telephone or mobile number.

Activation code : 114+Telephone number

Call forwarding when Busy

 In this case, all the incoming calls to your landline number are diverted to another telephone or mobile number when your line is busy.

Activation Code : Dial 1220+Telephone number#

For MP & CG Subscribers : Dial 120+Telephone number

How calls to Airtel landline divert to mobile

Just above you have seen different steps to divert calls from an Airtel Landline upon different conditions. Likewise, it’s very simple to divert calls to mobile from an Airtel Landline. As per the condition required you can set the call diversion. Dial 1222 + Other TelephoneNo.# if you want to forward calls to a mobile number when not replied. Dial 114+Telephone number to divert all calls automatically to a mobile number. Dial 1220+Telephone number# from your Airtel Landline to divert calls to mobile when you are busy.

How to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel landline

Above you have seen how to activate call forwarding. Now after using the call forwarding service you want to deactivate this service on your landline. For this you have to follow some deactivation procedure on your landline

In order to deactivate you have to dial some code mentioned below on your landline corresponding to the service you have activated BSNL

Call forwarding – Unconditional
Dial : 115

Call forwarding – No Reply
Dial : 1223#

For MP & Chhatisgarh Subscribers
Dial : 127

Call forwarding – Busy
Dial : 1221#


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