How to Play PUBG on PC for free

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) is a prominent online shooting Game played by a large number of gamers consistently. As the controls are fitted into a little screen, some activities, for example, firing your weapon  may happen while modifying player’s position. Another problem is that it will drains your smartphone battery fast. Now the question arsise how to play PUBG on PC for free or is it possible to play PUBG on PC for free.

Play PUBG on PC for free
Play PUBG on PC for free

The game is made for mobile/smartphone devices so the gaming experience is littile low as the mobile screens are limited to 5 or 6 inches. It would be better if you could reproduce the portable gaming experience to a big device or big screen for example, your Windows PC or MAC. The Tencent Gaming has not yet introduce the PC version of PUBG nor the cracked version of PUBG are yet to come. So the only way to play PUBG on PC is to utilize an emulator, there are a few emulators accessible for Android. Here we are going to discuss some emulators which helps you to play PUBG on PC for free.

How to Play PUBG on PC for free

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy

This is an extraordinary emulator to play PUBG on PC for free compared to other emulators. This is the official emulator to play PUBG on PC created by PUBG creator TECENT GAMES. This emulator is especially created for PUBG Mobile. As per Tencent- this emulator is created because of the complaint from gamers  concerning touchscreen controls on mobile devices.

Tencent Buddy enables you to play PUBG on your PC with controls completely enhanced to improve your game play. The primary advantage of this emulator is that PUBG controls are properly mapped on to your keypad and mouse. You can select any layout from the various layouts which is best for you. Additionally, you can toggle mouse and keyboard control easily.

This software uses a large resources of your system, so you have to lower the graphics settings to low while playing on low end PC. Tencent Gaming Buddy is wonderfull emulator as it gives specific attention to PUBG mobile with excellent features.

Download PUBG

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy


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2. BlueStack


Bluestacks is the most prominent Android emulator with a large number of users. The emulator help to get  the interface of an Android tablet on your windows PC.

There are two varients of Bluestack are available, one is paid and free. The free version is ridden with advertisements however you get a ad free experience in the paid version.

Bluestacks can run your PUBG Mobile version easily. You can set the controls as per your wish as bluestack enables integration of different gamepad features. Likewise you can install a lot of apps and games, bluestack has the largest capability of apps and games.

Ultimately, Bluestacks is a superb emulator which is good with Windows OS; thus, it gives you a best experience for games like PUBG.


Download BlueStack


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This is extraordinary compared to other emulator for PUGB Mobile accessible at the present time. This product helps you to load apps which are downloaded outside Play Store on your PC. You would get a best PUBG gaming experience through this emulator. This emulators also helps you to set the controls as per your wish. Which improves the gaming experience of PUBG on pc

The main thing of this app is that it is absolutly free to use. As this emulator use stock Android which is best for gaming experience. You can also install a lot of other app and games using this emulator.

There are additionally numerous additional highlights, for example, screen capture and video recording choices. These highlights can be found from the toolbar at the right end of the window. Hence, NoxPlayer6 is a recommended emulator to use for PUBG mobile as you get fast gameplay and gamepad features.


Download NoxPlayer6

Download PUBG




Play PUBG on PC for free

That’s all, these are the main three emulator’s and the best way to play PUBG on PC for free.  There are also some new emulator’s like memu can also be used.

Another way to get a better PUBG gaming experience is to mirror your smartphone screen to your PC. There are a lot of software are available both free and paid are available in market to mirror your smartphone to PC.

Anyway this information could have helped you, If you know any ohter way to play PUBG on PC let us know it in comment section.

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