How to Install Watsapp on Jio Phone

Install Watsapp on Jio Phone

We all know Jio phone this is one of the cheapest phone with 4G facility available, it only cost around ₹1500. Most of us are using this phone because for ₹49 onwards we can make unlimited calls and daily 1 GB internet. But this internet are not used by most of the people because the app we use in the daily watsapp is not compatible with Jio phone. This was the main problem said by most of the people after using Jio phone in first phase. Now jio phone 2 is also available in the market. If you are looking for a trick to Install watsapp on Jio Phone then you are on the right place. Below you can see the detailed step to use watsapp on your Jio phone.

How to Install Watsapp on Jio Phone

Before install watsapp on  jio phone ensure that your jio phone OS is updated

1. In phone menu goto settings and then click on the right navigation button
2. In device section select device information
3. Check in software information that the OS is ‘kai OS 2.5’.
4. If its showing kai OS 2 then you have to update it.

  • For that goto setting and select device
  • Select software update option then the phone starts downloading new OS.
  • Before updating please ensure that your phone battery charge is not below 30%.

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5. After updating the new OS open Jio store.
6. Below ‘All’ tab you can see watsapp at the last if not found click on the right navigation button and under social tab you can see watsapp below by pressing the down navigayion button.
7. Select watsapp by pressing the center key and press ok
8. A new screen with install option will arrive. Install it by pressing the center key.
9. After installation open watsapp by agreeing the terms and condition then provide your phone number.
10. After sometimes a message will come and it automatically verify your number then provide your name , profile picture(directly from camera or from gallery)
11. All the watsapp installation process is over. Now you can select a contact and starts chatting.
12. For sending voice message press and hold the center key.
13. From the left side more option you can select and send photo and videos.
14. In the watsapp home screen select option then select account to change privacy settings.

These are the steps to Install watsapp on jio phone. Even though this jio watsapp lacks a lot of features which are available on IOS and Android watsapp apps but it is enough for a common man to use in day to day life.

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